Badger fat capsules 300 mg pure badger fat 120 Capsules



Badger fat enriched in capsules is a reliable and natural remedy effective in many diseases. Diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs, diseases of the cardiovascular system, as a source of omega-3, primarily the main vascular problem - atherosclerosis, reduced immunity and unbalanced metabolism, are among the diseases and conditions treatable by badger fat. The effectiveness of enriched badger fat capsules confirmed by clinical trials. Badger fat is a traditional remedy used in traditional medicine for a long time. However, modern technology has allowed not only to improve its shape and release it in the form of capsules, but also to supplement it with another effective natural substance - wheat germ oil. The complex composition of this product includes vitamins A and E, Omega-3, Omega-6 and other polyunsaturated acids, as well as a number of other trace elements that are equally important for the body. Because of this, Badger-enriched fat perfectly complements the traditional therapy of most internal diseases, and also effectively strengthens the immune system and prevents a significant proportion of the diseases common today. In addition, enriched badger fat helps to alleviate the state during chemotherapy for cancer.

Badger fat capsules 300 mg pure badger fat 120 Capsules chistyi jir barsuka