Bear Fang / Bear Fang / Taiga Master's Fang / Amulet


Lot = 1 piese


Bear fang, amulet. Handwork. It is processed using a special technology that excludes cracking, absorption of odors and moisture. The head is made of patinated MNC-15-20 / nickel silver (German new silver), which excludes the possibility of oxidation.

Length 10 ± 1 cm.

This amulet will be an excellent gift for a hunter. Often it is bought by girls for their boyfriends or moms and dads for their growing up son. They hang it around the neck so that the child grows up big, strong and healthy and to protect him from various ailments. In the Caucasus, bears were very revered, as evidenced by the many names of ranges, tracts, valleys and forests named after this animal. They hung the claw of the house above the door. Animism is still widespread among the inhabitants of this country, so such a gift will be expensive and very valuable for them.

Bear Fang / Bear Fang / Taiga Master's Fang / Amulet