Bear fat.
Natural product from Siberia.
2020 product
1 lot = 1 liter

Bear fat

  • Bear fat - white with a slight yellowness, hardening (porridge) temperature +6 ... + 10 degrees C; liquid - at a temperature of +27 ... + 30 degrees C, mixes well with honey, which, in turn, is pleasant when taken orally and gives additional benefits. Liquid at room temperature. Correctly melted bear fat should not contain blood, hair, foreign inclusions, when melted it is transparent.

    Bear fat is a natural complex of proteins, nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals, which in an easily assimilated form are able to penetrate into the cell in an unnamed form, thereby ensuring normal functioning in general.

    Bear fat is effective in the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers, acute and chronic liver diseases, colitis, gastritis, pancreatitis due to the presence of a large amount of vetromin - provitamin A and other macro- and microelements and other vitamins.