Beaver Castoreum Tincture From Dried Glands Natural Siberian Castoreum

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For preparation of 500 ml castorium tincture. you need about 100 grams of dried beaver stream.
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Beaver Castoreum Tincture From Dried Glands Natural Siberian Castoreum

  • Castoreum is a folk remedy of animal origin, harvested from healthy, mature beavers and dried using a specific technology. The beaver stream is a bright one to present Russian folk medicine with a centuries-old interesting history. As for the medical aspect of the beaver jet, it is the strongest natural adaptogen capable of restoring the ability of the human body to deal with emerging problems of a biological as well as a chemical nature of origin.


    Traditional healers outlined the requirements for the healing capabilities of a beaver jet caught and dried by professional hunting teams:

    Destroy germs or stop their reproduction.
    Remove toxins.
    Have quick action.
    Promote the balance of fluids circulating in the body.
    To penetrate into the cells of the affected organism and destroy microbes in them.
    Do not damage healthy organs and tissues.
    Even in large quantities, it cannot be toxic.
    Stimulate the activity of white blood cells.
    Do not destroy antibodies.
    Promote healthy tissue growth.

    Beaver stream preparations are mainly used internally in the form of a tincture, a dark alcoholic extract called "BEAVER STREAM TINCTURE", on the recommendation of an experienced physician with weakened immunity, prostatitis, with bronchopulmonary diseases, to increase efficiency, and as a means of improving well-being patients with various tumors, when surgery or radiation therapy is impossible. However, the beaver stream only improves the condition of cancer patients, somewhat stimulates the appetite, but is not a radical remedy for the treatment of malignant neoplasms, such as bear bile.

    For self-preparation of the beaver stream tincture, you will need a high-quality beaver stream, air-dried to the state of plasticine and 70% medical alcohol.
    Cut 150 grams of beaver stream very finely and place in a 1 liter glass container, pour 750 ml of alcohol and close tightly with a lid. Store at room temperature in a dark place. Shake twice a day (morning and evening). After two weeks, the beaver jet tincture will be ready.
    Recommended consumption rate of beaver jet; three times a day, one tablespoon, thirty minutes before meals. It is better to start with a teaspoon and gradually bring to a tablespoon.

     Russian traditional healers and medical practitioners have accumulated significant experience in the use of beaver jet in clinical practice, indicating that it has a positive effect in the treatment of tonsillitis, acute and chronic catarrh of the upper respiratory tract. The use of tincture of beaver stream improves the well-being of patients with atherosclerosis, sclerotic forms of hypertension, as well as people suffering from certain diseases of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

    BEAVER JET is the key to ringing health and radiant well-being. It helps to cope with any disease: from runny nose to cancer, from allergies to diabetes, from atherosclerosis to anemia. But the most important thing is that the beaver stream will help prevent disease, because it literally makes "cellular repair"!