Blood pressure corrector ABP-051

«The task of increasing the effectiveness of treating patients with arterial hypertension makes it necessary to pay special attention to the design of new treatment methods of this disease, including drug-free modalities ones. One of the most interesting and promising developments in this area, from our point of view, is the domestic device for non-invasive electrostimulation ABP-051 registered as a medical device in the Russian Federation in 2016, and designed by the Inferum group of companies (Ekaterinburg).The first results of the analysis of the clinical use of ABP-051 indicate its high degree of safety and efficacy in various etiopathogenetic variants of arterial hypertension».


Blood pressure corrector ABP-051

  • 1. INDICATION Electrostimulator “ABP-051” is intended for therapeutic non-invasive (without skin damage) course exposure on wrist areas via transcutaneous electric stimulation for normalization of blood pressure only in combination with drug therapy. Course of procedures assures:

    • blood pressure normalization;

    • improvement of overall health condition;

    • improvement of emotional state;

    • improvement of working capacity;

    • decrease of weather sensitivity;

    • increase of patient’s quality of life.

    The electrostimulator is intended for the use in-patient and out-patient facilities of the health and medical care institutions and home settings. Application — physiotherapy.

    2. WORKING PRINCIPLE OF THE ELECTROSTIMULATOR Electric current stimulation — the most universal method for excitation of receptor structures launching cascade of receptor and adaptive body mechanisms. Electric current is easily dosed per magnitude, gives opportunity to manage impulse frequency, their duration and polarity, and finally is the adequate stimulus for excitable tissues. Electrostimulator “ABP-051” affects mainly vascular tone. It is the most effective and safe method for cardiac tone exposure. It is the most effective and safe method for blood pressure exposure. Hereby the device does not almost affect cardiac output and heart rate. The selection of exposure areas is determined by the disorder type and convenience of the use at work in home settings, in course treatment. Stimulation is made as the series of impulses, the number of impulse series corresponds to the set of frequencies for blood pressure normalization. The efficiency of exposure depends on a human condition prior exposure and used area. Tolerance to electric stimulation develops more rarely and slowly, more over, exposures of electrostimulator “ABP-051” have low intensity and duration that increases tolerability and safety of procedures. The electrostimulator is a mobile, light and compact device allowing to make procedures in any convenient time, in any place, as well:

    • acts without any subcutaneous penetration not inducing any infection risk;

    • does not induce pain;

    • exposure time on wrist area depends on the selected working regime;

    • device construction is designed so that it may be used with one hand to facilitate operation process;

    • hospitalization is not required for a course of procedures is not required.


    • Steady high systemic blood pressure in patients with arterial hypertension (hypertensive disease) — only as a supplement to complex drug treatment.

    • Episodes of blood pressure increase in stress situations, weather changes, etc. in persons with labile arterial hypertension.

    • Low blood pressure in chronic arterial hypotension (hypotensive disease) patients — as a supplement to complex drug treatment.

    The device is indicated for the use in persons above 14 years. Use the electrostimulator strictly as indicated.