Conium Hemlock Boligolov tincture 200 ml.

Volume: 200ml
Shelf life: 3 years
Manufacturer: Russian Roots

Conium Hemlock Boligolov tincture 200 ml.

  • Hemlock is a poisonous plant. In numerous states, it is known as a medicinal product. Academics in a number of countries are synthesizing new anti-cancer drugs using hemlock juice.

    With Hemlock, the human race met in ancient times. In his writings, Hippocrates mentioned him.

    Each part of this plant, located on the ground, is richly filled with alkaloids - poisons, the increased concentration of which has a toxic effect. In contrast, small doses have a different effect. It favors the activation of the body's own defensive resources, contributing to accelerated recovery.

    An important poisonous component of Hemlock is horse meat. Paralytic effect on the nervous subsystem.

    Shown at:

    oncological activities
    benign formations
    malignant cancer
    diseases of the articular apparatus, bones (arthritis, arthrosis);
    vascular ailments;
    epileptic seizures;
    gastrointestinal spasms;
    spasmodic phenomena of the brain.

    A famous property is the ability to stop the development of cancer cells.

    In small doses, the poisonous components of Hemlock are an immune stimulus that activates it to eliminate abnormally growing neoplasms. Together, foreign bacteria in the body are destroyed.

    Statements of herbalists-herbalists say that Hemlock keeps tumor development at various stages of the disease. He is able to slow down the spread of metastases and absolutely get rid of cancer. Still, there is a nuance - the earlier people start using the drug, the more likely a favorable prognosis is.

    On the effectiveness of the herb, you can find multiple reviews. However, traditional medical professionals advise not to abandon the official direction in favor of purely herbal therapy.

    Adepts of alternative methods advise using herbs in complex healing, in conjunction with prescribed medications. This must be done under the supervision of doctors in order to find the appropriate options.

    In order to increase the effectiveness, hemlock should be alternated with aconite or celandine. This will allow you to use additional capabilities of the body.