Cream Curaderm Bec5 20 cosmetic skin care keratosis, keratoacanthoma
20 ml

Cream Curaderm Bec5 20 cosmetic skin care keratosis, keratoacanthoma

  • Structure:

    Active substance:
    - vegetable glycosides solasodin 0.001 gr.

    salicylic acid 2.0 g;
    urea 1.0 g, polyethylene glycol 1 g, chlorocresol 0.02 g, white paraffin 2 g, emulsified wax 3 g, water 12.8 g

    CURADERM CREAM FOR EXTERNAL APPLICATION - creamy homogeneous texture, white, odorless. The effect of KURADERM cream is due to apoptosis and a specific immunological response. Mechanism of action The main active ingredient in the KURADERM preparation is a mixture of vegetable glycoalkoloids solasonine and solamargine, and their therapeutic activity is quite close, but not identical. The carbohydrate part of the glucoside alkaloid solasonin consists of rhamnose, galactose and glucose, while in solamargin it consists of two molecules of rhamnose and glucose. The monosaccharide, rhamnose, included in KURADERM, selectively binds to receptors on the surface of pathological skin cells, including cell membranes in actinic keratosis, etc. When solasonin, solamargin and rhamnose are bound to each other, they easily penetrate in this tandem into a pathological cell, destroying its lysosomes and other organelles, but without affecting normal skin cells. The cream is well tolerated. Healthy skin surrounding the affected areas of the skin can turn red when the cream gets on it, cause a slight burning sensation due to the salicylic acid content of the cream, but this is a temporary, local effect. The skin quickly regains its natural color after application is stopped. Result: Removal of pathological areas on the skin.

    General description:
    Perfumery and cosmetic products for skin care: cream for non-melanoma forms of skin cancer.

    Special conditions:
    Before use, be sure to consult with your doctor. Kuraderm cream has a local irritating effect (salicylic acid and urea), therefore, contact of the drug with the mucous membranes of the eyes should not be allowed. Treatment of the zones of the peri-mucosa of the oral cavity proboscis, eyeballs should be carried out with extreme caution. Wash your hands after using the drug. For external use only.

    Sun and senile spots, keratosis, basal cell carcinoma.

    Do not apply KURADERM cream on melanomas, birthmarks and highly pigmented erosions. If you are not sure about the nature of skin pathology, consult your doctor. The effect of the KURADERM drug on pregnancy has not been studied, therefore, we recommend that you refuse to use the drug during pregnancy. Also, KURADERM is contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to eggplant and any of the components of the product.