The Gezatone Biolift 4 118 face care device is designed for the fastest possible beneficial effect on problem skin (oily, dry, combined). The device is widely used to prevent hair loss and improve tone. With the help of it, the skin will get rid of inflammation, scars, acne, varicose veins, cellulite will go away and elasticity, smoothness and youth will appear. It can also be used for pain in joints and muscles - in massage mode.
The Gezatone Biolift 4 118 kit includes a darsonval, a storage case and four attachments. The device is connected to the mains. A feature and an additional plus of the device is that it has an improved coil - it produces more power than previous models.

Darsonval Gezatone Biolift 4 118

  • Equipment for darsonval therapy "Gezatone", model Biolift4 118 (hereinafter referred to as a product, apparatus, device) is designed to affect skin and muscle tissues with weak impulse currents of high frequency and voltage (darsonvalization method).
    Scope - physiotherapy rooms of hospitals and clinics, cosmetology rooms of clinics, as well as for home use. Equipment for darsonval therapy "Gezatone", model Biolift4 118 provides high-quality skin care, prevents the appearance and development of many cosmetic problems.
    With the help of this device, you can provide yourself and your loved ones with high-quality skin care at home, consolidate the results obtained after visiting the beautician's office.
    Thanks to the ease and simplicity of operating the device, you can carry out highly effective cosmetic procedures. The procedures do not require the use of expensive components. The pulse massager helps to solve not only skin problems, but also helps in the fight against baldness and other hair problems. Therefore, procedures using equipment for darsonval therapy "Gezatone", model Biolift4 118 will organically enter into a complex course of procedures that improve the appearance and condition of the skin.
    The principle of operation of the equipment for darsonval therapy "Gezatone" (model Biolift4 118) is based on the well-known and frequently used method of local darsonvalization (exposure of tissues to weak impulse currents of high frequency and voltage). During darsonvalization, impulse currents are transmitted to the skin through a sealed hollow glass electrode filled with air or an inert gas (neon) under low pressure.
    Glass electrodes are produced in various shapes, depending on the specific impact. The most popular are electrodes in the form of a fungus (the most universal application), drops (for affecting local skin problems), a comb (for affecting the scalp) and a petal (for combating problem skin and eliminating wrinkles).
    When high voltage pulses are applied to the gas-filled electrode in the air (or inert gas) filling them, a so-called "glow discharge" occurs, which performs the function of limiting the current to a safe and comfortable value. Electrodes filled with air have a blue discharge glow, and electrodes with neon have a red glow.
    Depending on the position of the working part of the electrode relative to the skin surface during darsonvalization, two modes of exposure are distinguished:
    - contact technique or "quiet discharge" - the working part of the glass electrode firmly touches the skin. Exposure in the "quiet discharge" mode increases skin tone, its elasticity, prevents the development of wrinkles, normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation. This technique also helps to strengthen the hair follicles (activation of "dormant" bulbs), stimulates hair growth, helps with all types of hair loss.
    - remote technique or "spark discharge" - an air gap of about 1-3 mm is maintained between the electrode and the skin surface. The spark discharge technique is used to combat acne, enlarged pores and pustular acne.

    Table 1.
    Pulse train repetition rate, Hz 100 ± 10
    Output waveform Sinusoidal fast decaying pulses
    Pulse duration, μs 50
    High-frequency filling frequency, kHz 110 ± 10
    Maximum current strength, no more, mA 0.2
    Output voltage, no more, kV 45
    Power supply voltage and frequency 220-230 V, 50 Hz
    Power consumption, no more, W 10
    Product weight in package, no more, kg 0.9
    Package dimensions, mm 325 x 210 x 56 ± 2 (LxWxH)
    Dimensions of the device, mm 245 x 48 ± 2 (LxW)
    Weight of the apparatus, no more, kg 0.405
    Handle weight, no more, g 264
    Handle size, mm 180 x 40 ± 2 (LxW)
    Handle cord length, no more, mm 1770
    Handle cord weight, no more, g 186

    • "Fungus": weight 17 g, size 550x30x11.2 ± 1 mm
    • "Comb": weight 24 g, size 160x37x11.2 ± 1 mm
    • "Petal": weight 12 g, size 150x18x11.2 ± 1 mm
    • "Drop": weight 9 g, size 150x35x11.2 ± 1 mm

    Special conditions

    • Remove all metal jewelry to avoid electric shock.
    • Perform the procedure exclusively on dry skin surfaces.
    • Do not use alcohol-based lotions during the procedure.
    If necessary, darsonvalize first, then use alcohol tonics.
    • The glass electrode must be washed and disinfected after each procedure.

    Device for darsonval therapy "Gezatone", model Biolift4 118 1 pc.

    Glass gas-filled electrodes:
    • fungus 1 pc.
    • drop 1 pc.
    • petal 1 pc.
    • comb 1 pc.

    Storage box 1pc
    Operation manual 1 pc.

    Effects on the skin of the face and neck:
    • problematic