Dianol is an improved dual action Suganorm formula at the best price. Food dietary supplement, not a drug.

Available without a prescription.

Many people struggle with a disease like diabetes. Who faced this, knows how hard it is to maintain blood sugar levels. Among the many drugs you always want to choose an effective and safe solution. Dianol is a dietary supplement. This is a 100% natural product that helps the natural production of insulin, stimulates the pancreas and strengthens the body. The drug not only eliminates the symptoms, but also fights the causes.



  - Rose hips - improve the function of the liver, due to the abundance of vitamins, help to increase immunity, lower blood sugar levels ..

  - Amaranth seeds - activates cell regeneration, helping wounds heal faster, removes toxins.

  - Artichoke - removes bile.

  - Cordyceps - relieves nervous tension, fights insomnia, normalizes metabolism, improves tone.

  - Potentilla Goose - increases body resistance, reduces inflammation, heals wounds, lowers cholesterol.



  - Normalize blood glucose levels;

  - Increase the body's resistance to all kinds of infections;

  - Stabilize the pancreas;

  - Natural insulin production;

  - Normalize the body's hydrobalance, adjust the digestive system and improve metabolism;

  - To clean the blood of toxins and slags;

  - Return healthy sleep, having a beneficial effect on the nervous system.


Application methods: 

  - Dosage: 1 colored(green) capsules - in the morning, 1 colorless (orange) capsules - in the evening. Both times the reception to make for polchala before meals, drinking plenty of water.

  - Reception course - 1 month.

  - To achieve consistent results, it is recommended to repeat the course every three months.

DIANOL 100% Original diabetic suganorm 30 herbal caps, blood glucose regulation