Elfor Plus device for physiotherapy electroplating electrophoresis universal

Elfor Plus device for physiotherapy electroplating electrophoresis universal

  • The universal device for electroplating and electrophoresis "Elfor-Plus" is designed for home electrophoresis and electroplating and represents the golden mean between the models "Elfor"and" Elfor prof". At the same time, Elfor-Plus can work with the largest electrodes – absolutely without restrictions. 

    It is easily configured and allows you to significantly accelerate the recovery processes in the body, as well as reduce inflammation of tissues and muscles. Both in combination with medications and without them, "Elfor-Plus" has a powerful therapeutic effect and has no side effects, which is very important for weakened patients.


    "Elfor-Plus" not only allows you to perform electroplating and electrophoresis procedures at home – it delivers medications directly into the diseased organ or damaged tissue. Often, circulatory disorders do not allow the drug to penetrate to the desired depth, while this device easily copes with this task. In addition, it works with a wide range of medications, which makes it even more versatile.

    The use of "Elfor-Plus" with drug therapy prolongs the effect of drugs, since their active substances get deep into the tissues in pure form and accumulate there, giving the desired effect. Wide electrodes allow you to significantly increase the area of the treated patient area, beneficially affecting not only the desired point, but also the tissues around it. At the same time, the excretory system in the form of kidneys and liver is not overloaded at all, which is also very important for people with diseases of these organs. The procedure itself is completely painless.


    "Elfor-Plus" is indicated for use in diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, various pathologies of the joints and muscles, disorders of the cerebral and peripheral blood circulation, diseases of the cardiovascular system and diseases of the central nervous system. The device is also effective in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pathologies of the respiratory system, dermatological problems, diseases of the visual and maxillofacial apparatus.


    Electroplating and electrophoresis using the Elfor-Plus device are not performed in the presence of an acute stage of an infectious or inflammatory process, fever, hyperthermia, a tendency to bleeding, an active form of tuberculosis, malignant tumors, systemic blood diseases, a pacemaker and individual current intolerance.


    Equipment Elfor-Plus Device Elfor-Plus 1 pc. Power supply 18 V. 1 pc. Rubber reusable electrodes 3 pcs. Current supply of the patient 1 pc. Elastic bandage 1 pc. User Manual 1 pc. Warranty card 1 pc. (1 year warranty) Consumer packaging 1 pc.