The principle of operation of the facial apparatus is based on a combination of two functions: galvanic and microcurrent therapy.
The device noticeably lifts the oval of the face, eliminates age-related changes, enhances the penetration of cosmetics, and restores the contour of the face.
Galvanic currents enhance the work of active charged particles, which are responsible for many processes in cells. They increase the permeability of cell membranes. As a result, the active ingredients of the cosmetics penetrate the cells faster. Microcurrents enhance local blood circulation and restore the rate of metabolic processes.

What problems can the m 365 face machine solve:
• Decreased tone of facial muscles of the face and neck;
• Expressed signs of aging: deep wrinkles, uneven skin tone;
• Lack of nutrients and moisturizers;
• Low efficiency of applied cosmetic products;
• Fuzzy face contour: puffiness, double chin;
• Spasm of muscle fibers.

Gezatone Microcurrent Therapy Equipment Biolift M365 Model

  • The Biolift m365 Gezatone combine provides a quick rejuvenating effect at home under the influence of electroplating and microcurrents. Now at home you can smooth out wrinkles, give sagging skin elasticity, and correct the face contour.
    By purchasing Ionic - Ultratonic Gezatone, the user will be able to experience its advantages. The device makes it possible to carry out rejuvenating facial procedures at home, allows the use of special cosmetic formulations, is compact, and safety and ease of use make it available to a common consumer. Recommended for use by persons with aging skin. The indications for the use of the Biolift m365 Gezatone combine are cases when it is required to give elasticity to the flabby tissues of the face and neck, it is necessary to reduce the depth of skin creases on the forehead, near the lips, eyes and on the bridge of the nose, it is necessary to launch regenerative processes in the dermal layer of the skin to achieve a rejuvenating effect. It will help if you need to enhance the effect of the device with the help of cosmetics or you want to weaken the severity of facial wrinkles.

    The high efficiency of the cosmetic equipment is guaranteed by its functional features. Exposure to galvanic currents ensures the delivery of charged ions to the deep layers of the dermis, thereby stimulating regenerative processes at the cellular level, triggering its own production of elastin and collagen proteins. Thus, the skin becomes elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, pores are closed, the skin acquires a healthy color. Microcurrent therapy improves the condition of blood vessels, activates blood circulation and lymph flow, removes puffiness and skin pigmentation. The combination of two types of action leads to an amazing rejuvenating effect on the décolleté, face and neck.

    General characteristics:
    Type - care device
    Purpose - anti-aging care
    Operating principle - microcurrents
    Effect - increasing skin elasticity, lifting, smoothing wrinkles

    - use of a pacemaker;
    - during pregnancy;
    - oncological diseases;
    - the presence of violations of the sensitivity of the skin (pain and temperature) in the field of application of the device;
    - violation of the integrity of the skin, trauma and dermatological diseases (eczema, dermatitis);
    - acute inflammation, abscesses

    Additional Information:
    galvanic current function
    Number of speeds - 3
    Power source - battery