Active Ingredients: Ibuprofen
Country of Origin: India
Manufacturer: Rittitt Benkizer Helskar India Private Limited
Release form: Oral suspension [orange] 100 mg / 5 ml - 150 ml in a bottle. Each bottle complete with a syringe dispenser is packed in a cardboard box along with instructions for use.

Nurofen® suspension for children is used in children from 3 months of age to 12 years of age for symptomatic treatment as an antipyretic in acute respiratory diseases (including flu), childhood infections, other infectious and inflammatory diseases and post-vaccination reactions accompanied by fever .
The drug is used as a symptomatic analgesic for mild to moderate pain, including: toothache, headache, migraine, neuralgia, earache, sore throat, sprain pain, muscle pain, rheumatic pain, joint pain .
The drug is intended for symptomatic therapy, reducing pain and inflammation at the time of use, does not affect the progression of the disease.

Nurofen for children suspension 0.1 / 5ml 150ml. Orange