The Amur Cork Tree. Berries.

1 lot = 100 grams


The Amur Cork Tree. Berries. 100 grams

  • The Amur Cork Tree. Berries. 1 lot = 100 grams The fruits of this tree contain about 8% essential oils. They lead to a normal metabolism, contribute to the normalization of the pancreas. The medicinal properties of the Amur velvet fruit make it possible to use them in the treatment of colds and flu. Also, the fruits of this tree are used for diabetes. Take 4-5 pieces a day, in the morning on an empty stomach. While taking the fruit, in no case should you drink it with water or other liquid. They must bite and chew. When treating diabetes, daily consumption of fruit is a must, otherwise the treatment will have no effect. If you take the fruits of the Amur velvet daily for six months, the blood sugar level will drop to normal. In the treatment of colds and flu, the fruits of Amur velvet are used as follows: in the evening before going to bed, you need to take 1-2 pieces of fruit. They should be chewed or simply held in the mouth for several minutes. As this once the fetus will be enough, if the disease has just begun, and if the disease has a long duration, this method should be repeated several times. The medicinal properties of the velvet fruit are also effective for high blood pressure. Half an hour before meals, you need to take 2-3 pieces of fruit 3 times a day. daily. Amur velvet, whose medicinal properties were first discovered by Chinese healers, serves not only as a medicine, but also as a prevention of diseases. It is enough to eat 2-3 berries every day. The fruits of this plant are very effective in the treatment of diabetes, colds and flu, hypertension, metabolic disorders, tuberculosis, cystitis and many other diseases.