Non-surgical facelift without leaving home! The multifunctional device RF Lifting Gezatone m 1601 quickly and effortlessly helps you become several years younger, and thanks to the modes of work on the body you can use it for weight loss and body shaping.

Even the most persistent age-related changes will be defeated! The first device that combines the two most effective exposure techniques for non-surgical facelift - radio frequency lifting and myostimulation.
The device works immediately in two directions: tightens and strengthens the skin and restores lost muscle tone.

Such a combination is rare even in salon procedures - RF Lifting Gezatone has the most effective effect. The device also provides modes of work on the body - you can use it to lose weight, reduce body fat and correct cellulite. The unique Gezatone RF lifting machine is a combination of the most effective techniques for the beauty of your face and body.

Features of the RF-Lifting device Powered by the network - this provides a constant exposure power during the entire procedure!
4 exposure programs — complete comprehensive face and body skin care at 4 intensity levels — everyone will be able to choose the optimal mode of work for themselves, including people with very sensitive skin.
Additional functions of the device - vibration mode and exposure to a red light spectrum - for even greater efficiency.

It is forbidden to use by children.
The presence of a pacemaker or other electronic implants.
Pregnancy, lactation.
Patients with an acute form of the disease: tuberculosis, fever, infectious diseases, diseases transmitted by contact.
People with heart disease.
In the presence of scars.
People with eye diseases or undergoing treatment for eye diseases.
People with skin diseases, allergic dermatitis and sensitive skin.
Cuperosis (a network of vessels on the face)
With redness and peeling of the skin caused by excessive tanning
In the presence of acne and pustular inflammatory processes on the skin.

Technical description:

Dimensions: 240x230x65 mm
Weight: 500g
Electrode Material: Stainless Steel
Timer: Auto power off after 3 minutes

Power Supply:
Input voltage and current consumption: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 0.2A
Output voltage / current: DC 5.0V / 1.0A

Lifting Mode -
Output frequency: 1.2 MHz (with skin temperature control)

Exercise Mode -
Output Pulse Frequency: 33.3 Hz
Pulse burst frequency: 0.1 Hz, pause 3 sec.
Pulse polarity: alternating +/-
Pulse amplitude: 10-40 V

Lifting Up Mode -
Output Pulse Frequency: 33.3 Hz
Pulse burst frequency: 0.2 Hz, pause 2 sec. Pulse polarity: alternating +/-
Pulse Amplitude: 10-40 V Smoothing Mode
Vibration Frequency: 3000 Hz
Repeat exposure frequency: 0.8 Hz

The device RF lifting for face and body M1601 Gezatone