Superchistotel is a highly effective liquid for removing warts, calluses and papillomas. Never provokes the emergence of new ones.

Skin defects are eliminated almost without a trace.

For the complete elimination of warts, dry corns and papillomas, a few drops of liquid are enough.

Mode of application:
Before starting the procedure, determine the skin defect. Grease a lot of baby cream around it. Then apply one drop of liquid to the wart, dry corns or papilloma and allow to absorb until completely dry. Do not spill or rub the liquid!

Wart: apply three days, one drop per day.

Corn: apply for 5 days, 1 drop per day.

Papilloma: apply 1 drop of solution 1 time per day.

You will feel a slight burning sensation and when black dots appear on the surface of the treated place, this will indicate the beginning of the process of defect dying, which without your further participation will end on the 4th-6th day.

Warts Medium Super chistotelo Warts Remover presence Remover 3.6ml