Castoreum 190 gr. Dried Glands Beaver Castor Sacs Natural PRODUCT

Castoreum 190 gr. Dried Glands Beaver Castor Sacs Natural PRODUCT

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Castoreum 190 gr. Dried Glands Beaver Castor Sacs Natural PRODUCT

Beaver Castor Very useful for Men and Women!

The use of a beaver jet was popular a hundred years ago. Up to the Middle Ages, the castoreum was highly valued and paid for it with gold.  Especially successfully it was used to eliminate reproductive and intimate problems in men and women.
Highly valued castoreum and perfumery. It is still being used as aodor and odor fixer in the production of  famous brands.
Beaver jet gives the aromas a touch of sexuality and passion, is A powerful aphrodisiac attracting the opposite sex.

Biologically active substances of the beaver gland have useful properties:
 anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic properties, fights with a purulent infection, relieves swelling, normalizes blood circulation in blood vessels.

Application of the beaver gland:
The main application of the beaver gland is treatment and prevention reproductive disorders in men and women. In men, beaver gland is used in the treatment of impotence, in women - gynecological diseases, amenorrhea.

Strengthening of immunity and vitality:
In the modern world, with a fast pace of life, malnutrition, our the body is subject to stress, quickly aging and wear, how to maintain health and maintain immunity?
To maintain health and vitality, it is recommended to use musk beaver is a unique remedy, will raise the tone of the body, restore the protective functions of immunity!
Use of the beaver gland, relieve from increased nervousness, overwork and loss of strength. Return the joy of life, increase mental and
physical activity.
Musk gland can also be used to increase efficiency and resistance to stress, with beriberi and weakened immunity.

Recommendations fo  cooking: 
 Dried iron beaver, it is necessary to cut finely, pour in vodka: 100 gr. musk beaver for 500 ml. Infuse weeks (3-4), at room temperature in the dark and shaking it every three days. 
Appears at the bottom sediment - it does not need to clean.  
Proportions are determined by color - dilute should be so that the tincture was not dark brown, but acquired the color of cognac. Usually from musk beaver weighing 100 gr. is obtained to 800 ml of extract.

Castoreum of the beaver gland should not be taken with an individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Terms and conditions of storage:
Keep away from children. Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 0 ° to + 20 ° C.

We guarantee excellent quality and one hundred percent naturalness of the product!

Is not a dietary supplement and a medicine.

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