Device for darsonvalization GESS-623

Device for darsonvalization GESS-623

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The main honor of the device:
-apparatus (electronic block generator of high voltage) -set of gas-filled electrodes.
The plug has two pin contacts.
The housing is made of impact resistant plastic.

An electrode holder, a transformer, which is connected to the electrode holder by a spring-loaded contact, is sequentially installed in the apparatus body; the transformer is connected to the control board of the switching wires, a rectifier, a pulse generator, a fuse are installed on the control board. The fuse has the following specifications: 2A-250V. In the rear part of the housing there is a variable resistance switch, which is a regulator of the amplitude of the output voltage.
Glass electrodes are filled with an inert gas.
The electrode comb is used to affect the scalp.
A drop electrode is used to pinpoint areas of inflammation.
The fungus electrode is used to process large areas. The electrode plug is used to treat joints, cervical spine, body bends.
The serviceability of the apparatus is determined by the presence of a corona discharge when the electrode touches the skin. The intensity of the corona discharge increases as the output voltage regulator rotates to the right.

Special conditions:
The manufacturer guarantees compliance of the technical characteristics of the device with the values ​​specified in this manual, provided that the device is stored and operated in accordance with the requirements of technical specifications and the operating instructions.
The shelf life of the device is -1 year from the date of manufacture.
The warranty period of the product is 1 year.
The life of the electrodes is 250 hours.
The criterion for the limiting state of the apparatus is the impossibility or technical and economic inexpediency of restoring the apparatus by repair.

Article GESS-623
Output waveform: pulse with high frequency filling
Pulse repetition rate: 100 Hz ± 10 Hz
RF fill frequency: 110 kHz ± 50 kHz
Average output current, no more: 150 μA
Output voltage: from the minimum value (not more than 8 kV) to the maximum from 16 kV to 25 kV
Power source: mains 220 V ± 22 V, 50 Hz ± 0.5 Hz
Power consumption: no more than 0.5 A
Time of continuous work no more than 8 hours. followed by a break of not more than 30 minutes. in intermittent mode.
The maximum operating time of the device in maximum power mode is not more than 15 minutes.
The minimum pause time between procedures when the state is turned off is at least 15 minutes.
Electrode Hours 250 hours Vacuum electrodes not impact resistant
Service life 5 years. MTBF of at least 2,000 hours
The mass of the device is no more than 0.35 kg
Weight of an electrode a plug of 0,019 kg Weight of an electrode a drop of 0,01 kg
The mass of the electrode is a fungus of 0.016 kg The mass of the electrode is a comb of 0.025 kg
Overall dimensions of the device: 230x53x47 mm

The device is designed for exposure to preventive and therapeutic purposes on the patient’s body tissue with an alternating pulse current of high voltage and low energy. The device can be used in medical institutions of a wide profile, in cosmetology practice, sports medicine, home physiotherapy.
The device is used for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases:
• skin diseases, cellulitis;
• allolecia, seborrhea;
• diseases of muscles, tendons; articular bags, aponeurosis; • joint diseases;
• diseases of arteries and veins;
• neurological diseases.

• malignant neoplasms
• benign neoplasms with a tendency to progression
• bleeding
• implanted pacemaker
• bleeding disorders
• violations of skin sensitivity
• thrombophlebitis
• cardiac arrhythmia
• pronounced forms of rosacea
• hirsutism
• active pulmonary tuberculosis
• cardiovascular failure
• purulent processes before surgical treatment • individual intolerance to electric current
• state of intoxication.