Organic dried dead body bees APISTOTALE propolis honey pollen one lot 2oz.
Organic dried dead body bees APISTOTALE propolis honey pollen one lot 2oz.
Organic dried dead body bees APISTOTALE propolis honey pollen one lot 2oz.
Organic dried dead body bees APISTOTALE propolis honey pollen one lot 2oz.

Organic dried dead body bees APISTOTALE propolis honey pollen one lot 2oz.

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Bee Propolis Siberian Raw Propolis
One lot = 100 g.
(One lot: 2 oz.=56,7gr.)
100% Organic Dry Dried dead bees
The therapeutic properties of dead bees.
The healing properties of bee podmores we know about the healing properties of honey and other beekeeping products. Today we will consider one such product, it is called bee Podmore.

The beneficial properties of bee Podmore allow you to apply it for treatment of various diseases. It is of two types: winter and spring-summer-autumn.

Winter Podmore accumulates in the hive over the winter. But the dead species of bees collected in this period, I do not advise to get inside, since their stomachs contained fecal matter, and can be used for external use in the form of ointments and tinctures.

Bee Podmore spring-summer-autumn period harvested during the field season for use inside and outside in the form of decoctions, casparov, ointments, tinctures, sometimes it just fried. Collected in this period the deceased individuals carefully removed from the hive, well dried and store in the freezer.

Properties of bee Podmore.
Bee Podmore contains a huge amount of chitosan and melanin, which have amazing healing properties. Such a composition makes bee Podmore main source of these substances.

Chitosan promotes rapid scarless healing of skin after burns. In addition, it has analgesic and hemostatic properties.
Melanin is able to absorb ultraviolet rays, protects the skin, bind heavy metals and other harmful elements. Melanin is added to creams to supply its antibacterial properties.

Chitosan-melanin complex helps reduce blood cholesterol, improve bowel function, reduce the toxicity and the likelihood of development of diabetes and atherosclerosis.

After application of tincture of bee Podmore increases vitality, there is a vitality, strengthens the immune system. Improves the function of the cardiovascular system, decrease the pathology of cerebral vessels, which is useful when developing dementia.

The therapeutic properties of bee Podmore: recipes.
1. Diabetes mellitus. For its treatment applies a 5% ethanolic extract of bee Podmore 15 drops after meals once a day.

2. Diseases of the genitourinary system. Apply the tincture, which is prepared as follows: fill a glass bowl thoroughly cleaned of bee Podmore and fill in 60 - 70% spirtovodnaja solution of 3 cm above the level of three feet. We need to insist in a dark and cool place for 2 weeks. After straining the tincture of bee Podmore drink twice a day for 1 tablespoon before meals within a month. Store solution need at room temperature in a dark room.

3. To improve the vitality necessary to grind 2 tablespoons of bee Podmore and to insist on a glass of vodka for two weeks. Strain and drink twice a day 20 drops in 2 months.

4. When injuries will help lotions from the infusion of dead bees.
5. In vascular diseases, use this recipe: 2 tbsp of bee Podmore pour a glass of hot vegetable oil. To wait until oil has cooled slightly, moisten the cloth and apply to the affected area until the cloth cools.

6. For the treatment of hypertension take 200 g Podmore on 2 liters of water and simmer on low heat for 40 minutes. After cooling, strain through double cheesecloth and drink before meals with 50 ml of 15 days. Store the broth in the fridge.

7. With myopia take 2 tbsp freshly dead bees and sauté 7-8 minutes in 150 ml of oil. The mixture allow to cool and mash. Twice a day should be eaten before meals for 1 tablespoon of the mixture in the course of the month, to take a small break and repeat the course.

8. Treatment of mastitis, mastopathy, varicose veins consists of steaming boiled in 200 g of dead bees and the seasoning lechebnie properties of bee Podmore. about half an hour. Received the boshes slightly wrung out and placed on thick gauze, on which it is being applied to the inflamed areas and covered with cellophane.

9. From Giardia, pale spirochetes and streptococci can be applied tincture Podmore on alcohol 25 drops after meals every day throughout the month.

10. To treat joint and muscle pain, thrombophlebitis taken bee Podmore and crushed, and then filled with hot vegetable oil. Stored tincture in the fridge. RUB into the skin have the appearance of pain.

Bee Podmore itself has many useful properties. But a Healthy life recommends using it in combination with propolis.